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Birds of Paradise

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The birds of paradise flower, also known as the crane flower, ranks as one of the most beautiful exotic flowers in the world. These magnificent flowers are native to South Africa and bloom from September through May. The birds of paradise flower resembles a radiantly colorful bird in flight. Many people conjure thoughts of paradise whenever they look at these flowers. Birds of paradise flowers bear a unique resemblance to a bird that came from a utopian tropical paradise, which makes it the perfect landscaping plant.

The birds of paradise flower has foliage that resembles small banana leaves. The leaf blades measure six inches wide and 18 inches long. These leaves fall into two ranks to form a fan-like crown of foliage, making them an elegant arrangement of flowers. Birds of paradise usually grow to be about four feet high. The plant produces flowers in a horizontal inflorescence that emerges from a stout spathe. This inflorescence stems atop long pedicels that grow up to five feet or more in height.

The most unusual part of the birds of paradise plant is the flowers. Birds of paradise plants produce a series of radiantly colored bracts that form into canoe-like structures that may appear green, red, or purple. Bracts vary between four to eight inches long, depending on the size and age of the plant. Each birds of paradise flower has three orange sepals and three blue petals. Two of the petals join together to create a structure that looks like an arrowhead. The third petal forms a nectary at the base of the flower.

The birds of paradise plant symbolizes joyfulness and paradise itself. Its resemblance to a bird’s beak and plumage make it a remarkable gift. Many people give their significant other a floral arrangement of birds of paradise flowers. Birds of paradise flowers are the ninth wedding anniversary flower. Choose this beautiful flower to communicate warmth and paradise among those you love.

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