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Easter Lilies

Easter Lilies

Lilium longiflorum, also referred to as Easter Lilies or “white-robed apostles of hope” are trumpet shaped flowers that are grown primarily in the border between the states of California and Oregon.

Easter Lilies are capable of growing up to a meter in height and are typically harvested during the fall months of late September and early October.

Tradition states that Easter Lilies once grew where drops of Christ’s sweat fell to the ground during his final hours on earth.

Lilies Are the Perfect Choice for Easter

Churches to this day continue this tradition every Easter by surrounding their crosses with bunches of beautiful blooming Easter Lilies to immortalize the resurrection of Christ and the promise of hope for things to come.

Easter Lilies are currently the fourth largest crop in the wholesale market for the United States and for many people, symbolize purity, innocence, hope, and life.

Whether used as a gift or enjoyed in your own home, the Easter Lily serves as a beautiful reminder that Easter is a time for rejoicing and celebrating with the people that matter most in your life.

Recognized around the world as a mark of honor and elegance throughout the years, the white lily is a symbol of Easter and has long been associated with mythology, literature, and poetry.

Easter Lilies thrive in moderately cool temperatures (anywhere between 60 degrees to 65 degrees Fahrenheit) with slightly cooler temperatures during the night hours.

Traditional, Time-Honored Flowers

There are many beautiful white lilies to choose from, but the most popular lily that is grown for Easter is referred to as the “Nellie White”.  The Easter Lily Plant remains the traditional, time-honored flower of Easter. 

From the fields where they grow to your home, the Easter Lily remains the traditional flower of Easter and is a beautiful addition to any home over the holidays.

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