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Kid Activities For A Hoppy Easter

Kid Activities For A Hoppy Easter

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Are you planning a dinner, brunch, or maybe even a picnic as part of your Easter celebrations? If your gathering includes young children, it’s a good idea to plan some activities for them so they can enjoy the day just as much as the adults do. If you’re short on ideas, don’t fret, we’ve made a list that includes both indoor and outdoor activities perfect for kids.

15 Kids’ Activities for a Hoppy Easter

1.) An Easter Egg Hunt: This is a traditional favorite. First, fill colorful plastic eggs with jellybeans or other candy treats. Next, get the older kids to help you hide the eggs throughout your home or yard. Make sure each child has a basket before the egg hunt begins.

2.) Dyeing Easter Eggs: If you have several children who want to participate, set up eight or nine bowls of egg dye on your kitchen counter. Put paper towels underneath the bowls to catch the drips. Give each of the children two or three eggs and provide spoons for placing the eggs in the dye. The kids can use stickers to give their dyed eggs some additional flair.

3.) Hit the Bunny Piñata: Buy a piñata in the shape of a bunny, a blindfold, and a lightweight bat. Give each of the kids at your gathering a chance to hit the piñata to free the candy inside!

4.) A Bunny Hop Dance Game: First, give a demonstration of the bunny hop to the kids at your gathering. Next, instruct the kids to start doing the bunny hop whenever the music is on, but they must freeze the moment the music stops! Anyone who is caught moving when the music is off is out, and the last kid left on the dance floor wins some candy.

5.) A Fun Easter Bunny Craft: Gather a supply of empty toilet paper rolls, some colorful pipe cleaners, pink construction paper, white construction paper, small wiggly eyes, cotton balls, kids’ scissors, and glue. Let the kids make bunny rabbits out of the toilet paper rolls by gluing eyes on them, cutting two ears out of the paper, and using pipe cleaners for whiskers. Don’t forget the cotton ball tail!

6.) Egg on a Spoon Race: Line up the kids in your yard, give each of them a spoon, and place a hard-boiled egg on each one. Let the race begin to see who can make it to the finish line first with the egg still on the spoon!

7.) Pin the Tail on the Bunny: Buy a large cardboard bunny and hang it up on a wall. Find a bandana to use as a blindfold. Give each (blindfolded) child a chance to “pin” the cotton tail on the bunny with a piece of tape. The winners get candy or small toys.

8.) A Bunny Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of six or seven bunny-related items for two groups of kids. Some ideas for items include a carrot, a piece of cotton, and a picture of a bunny from a magazine. The kids must search your house to find all of the items on your list. The first group to gather all of the items wins.

9.) Decorate a Sweet Treat: Make some plain yellow cupcakes and provide your young guests with frosting, sprinkles, jellybeans, and similar treats. Let them create a bunny face on each of the cupcakes.

10.) Make an Easter Basket: Gather your materials and ask the kids to make a homemade Easter basket that can carry their treats.

11.) An Easter Egg Roll: Set up a row of plastic eggs on the grass in your yard. Line up the children, give each of them a wooden spoon, and start the race. Whoever rolls their egg to the finish line first wins!

12.) Face-Painting With a Bunny Theme: Set up bowls of face paint on a table and ask some of the adults at your party to help the kids paint bunnies, baskets, and other fun images on their faces.

13.) Fly a Bunny Kite: Get some inexpensive kites featuring bunnies at the local dollar store. If it’s a windy day, give the kids a chance to see how high they can fly their kites. I’d love to see a flock of flying bunnies; wouldn’t you?

14.) Make a Bunny Mask: Provide the materials for a fun bunny mask craft that will be a hit with the kids.

15.) A Photo Craft/Easter Keepsake: Ask the kids to bring a picture of themselves to your gathering. Provide some construction paper, scissors, markers, cotton balls, and glue to the kids. Help them glue their picture to a piece of construction paper and glue on a border of cotton balls. They can write their name above their photo with the marker. Encourage them to put their craft on their refrigerator at home.

I hope these ideas add to the joy of your Easter celebration!

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