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Blooming Plants
Blooming Plants

Orchid Planter
From: $67.99 $64.99
Spathiphyllum in a Basket
From: $79.99
Garden Pleasures Basket
From: $59.99
Blooming Azalea Plant
From: $39.99
Calla Lily Plant
From: $44.99
Zen Orchid Plant
From: $67.99
Peace Lily Plant
From: $44.99 $39.99
Lighthearted Moments Mini Rose Plant
From: $42.99
Blooming Dish Garden
From: $42.99
Floral Dish Garden
From: $39.99
A Bit of Yellow Sunshine Basket
From: $47.99
European Dish Garden
From: $52.99
Secret Blooming Garden
From: $69.99
Gold Discovery Orchid
From: $67.99
Purple Orchid Planter
From: $59.99
Vibrant Kalanchoe Planter
From: $42.99
Autumn Mum Plant
From: $39.99

Blooming Plants

People often turn to a florist when they want to buy a gift that is attractive and that makes a lasting impression. With cut flower arrangements, that impression lasts as long as the flowers. Although our premium cut flowers are long-lasting, they will eventually need to be discarded, leaving only the sentiment behind. While flower arrangements are a popular option for many, their temporary nature may make them less ideal for some. At Avas Flowers, we offer another option for our flower-loving clients. On this page, you’ll find our potted blooming plants. These flowering plants are alive, and when given as a gift, they will provide years of flowering beauty and enjoyment.

A blooming plant from Avas Flowers makes a wonderful gift for someone who enjoys caring for plants and having flowers in their home. Before you buy a flowering plant and send it to your friend or loved one, it is important that you consider whether they have the time or ability to properly care for an indoor potted plant that blooms. Unlike a floral bouquet, blooming plants will need maintenance in order to thrive and produce the desired blooms. Ideally, the person who is given one of our flowering plants should be someone who enjoys caring for plants or someone who is interested in learning how to care for them.

This type of plant makes a suitable gift for nearly any occasion, including birthdays or when congratulations are in order. A blooming plant is also a good choice for flower delivery to someone who is sick. Colorful flowering plants are also a wonderful way of bringing cheer to someone who is sad. Our available plants may include azaleas, roses, orchids in various colors, holiday cacti, and calla or peace lilies or a combination of flowers paired together in a basket. The exact types of plants available may vary, however, depending on the season and our inventory.

When you purchase blooming plants from Avas Flowers, you can send them most places nationwide courtesy of our affiliation with local florists across the country. These flowers may even be eligible for next-day delivery if they meet certain eligibility requirements. If you have any questions prior to placing your order, please review our frequently asked questions page. If you prefer to speak with a live customer service agent, contact us with your questions and we’ll be happy to help. To order indoor flowering plants or other gifts from Avas Flowers, place your order here online or by phone. At any time after your order has been placed, you can check the order and delivery status right here on our site. Finding and ordering blooming plants from Avas Flowers is just that simple!

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