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Kids Guide To Planting A Flower Garden

Most people are fascinated by rainbows. When you see one in the sky after a rainstorm, it's hard not to smile. Kids may wonder how rainbows are made. A rainbow is caused by light shining through raindrops and appearing as a spectrum in the sky. Rainbows are made up of colors that usually appear as a half-circle and can sometimes even be seen as a full circle. The rainbow colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Knowing all of these things makes it easy to see why rainbows are such a great entry point into teaching colors and basic science concepts to young children. Using rainbows to teach children about colors or science can be a fun family activity or classroom lesson. Young children always enjoy rainbows, so bringing this into an activity is a fun way to get them genuinely interested and invested in their learning from an early age.

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