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Kids Guide to the Parts of A Flower

Flowers come in many different textures, shapes, colors and sizes. In fact, you can even find ones that you can eat at your local grocery store, which makes it fun to learn about the different parts of the flower! For example, every time you eat broccoli you're eating a flower. Just like us, there are both female and male flowers. Sometimes, flowers have both female and male reproductive parts. This can be confusing, because certain flowers like a dozen red roses are considered girly by us humans. Most flower bouquets, even roses, actually have both male and female parts. Although it's perfectly fine to say female or male flower, there are also scientific names for them, as well. For example, a flower that has both female and male parts is described as a complete flower.

Peduncle and Receptacle

The peduncle and the receptacle are the flower parts that hold the actual flower up in the air. When you're looking at the parts of a flower, the peduncle is the stem. The receptacle can be found underneath the flower at the base. This is where the reproductive parts of the flower are found.

Sepal and Calyx

The little leaves that are underneath the flower are called the sepals. They are important parts of the flower because they protect the bud as it's forming. Together, all of the sepals make the calyx. Some flowers have only a few sepals, while others have many.

Petal and Corolla

The petals are the most colorful parts of a flower! They come in all kinds of shapes and colors so that bees, birds and other pollinators will be attracted to the flower. Not all flower petals smell good, or produce nectar, and some don't even have a scent at all! Together, all of the petals are called the corolla.

Male Flower Parts

If a flower only has male parts, it is called a staminate flower. This is because the male flower contains the stamen. The stamen is where you will find the filament, anther and the pollen after it's made. The anther is where the pollen is on a flower, and it sits on top of a stalk, which is also known as the filament. Without pollen, plants wouldn't be able to reproduce!

Female Flower Parts

When a flower only has female parts, it is called a carpellate or pistillate flower. This is because the female parts of a flower make up the carpel, which is also sometimes known as the pistil. Here you will find the stigma, style, ovary and ovules. As a flower matures, the ovary will eventually turn into the fruit while the ovules become the seeds. A good way to learn about the ovary and ovules of a flower is to look at an apple!

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